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Moringa Oleifera – The Miracle Tree

Anstiss Investment Groups are very pleased to announce our latest project – The Moringa Oleifera Tree, otherwise known as ‘The Miracle Tree’ due to its powerful nutritional and medicinal capabilities and ability to grow almost anywhere, in any condition.

The Investment – This is an opportunity to purchase hectares of land in Mozambique within an established Moringa Oleifera plantation.  There is an agreement with a Global Energy Company already in place, to purchase harvested seeds for the production of bio-fuels. Investors will enjoy a 14.5% return within 12 months, rising every year thereafter.

As the world is currently using more oil than is being sourced – and with the world’s population and demand for energy growing exponentially (set to increase 65% by 2030) – it is clear we face a serious problem. That is why new alternative fuel sources are such an important commodity.

The biodiesel made from Moringa is believed to have superior oxidative stability than biodiesel made with almost any other feed stocks – with a higher recovery and quality of oil than other crops, no direct competition with food and no direct competition with existing farmland. The global potential for Moringa in the alternative fuel market is massive.

Benefits of cultivating Moringa for bio-fuel:

  • Can be easily grown from seed or cuttings
  • Seeds have no dormancy period
  • Trees can be seeded directly and grown anytime during the year
  • Prefers neutral to slightly acidic, well drained, sandy or loamy soil
  • Minimal watering required and will flower and produce pods whenever there is sufficient water available
  • Will generally grow without adding very much fertiliser
  • Will tolerate up to 48 degrees in the shade and can survive a light frost
  • Resistant to most pests.
  • There will be a continued and increasing demand for Moringa, as traditional fuel sources dwindle

Every part of the Moringa tree is useful, from the leaves to the roots, providing a rich source of food and medicine. The fresh leaves are said to be a rich source of nutrients, containing 7 times the vitamin C of oranges, 4 times the calcium of milk, 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, 3 times the potassium of bananas, 3 times the iron of spinach and as much as milk and eggs.

The Moringa seeds can also be used as an effective water clarifier, while the leaves can be used as a fertilizer and a natural pesticide.

To discover more about the massive potential in investing in the Moringa Tree and bio-fuels, contact an Anstiss advisor today by either calling: (+44) 0203 384 5539 or by email contact@anstiss.com.

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