Carbon Credits at Anstiss

VER Gold Standard and VCS Verified Carbon Credits

VER credits are the main type of credit we deal with at Anstiss Investment Groups – and more specifically Gold Standard and VCS verified credits. This is because the VER market is considerably growing, facilitated by the development of the VERs registry by the Bank of New York in June 2006. The minimum quality standard embodied by the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) – designed by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), WWF and The Climate Group – is now widely accepted.

VERs are bound by a standard of regulation – even though it is less than other types of credit, such as the CER – and reductions must be deemed real, measurable, permanent and are subject to independent verification. VERs are traded over the counter and on some exchanges, most notably the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). This is helping the market to grow.

The voluntary market is currently smaller and less liquid than the compliance market, yet general market opinion is that the wider scale of the voluntary market, coupled with increased growth led by the private sector, signifies a strong potential to outstrip the mature market of the compliance regime.

Gold Standard credits – GS-CER and GS-VER – are traded in markets established by the Kyoto Protocol as well as the voluntary offset markets. They are certified by the Gold Standard Foundation, a non-profit organisation that has trademarked the Gold Standard Label and whose name is internationally-recognised as being synonymous with quality in today’s carbon market.

Anstiss Investment Groups only ever deals with GS-VER and VCS verified credits – which are sourced from third party verified projects, which we in turn offer to our clients.

Supporters of the Gold Standard are committed to “Promoting sustainable development through carbon offset markets that are characterised by transparency and equality of access for all market participants.” The standard was designed to ensure not only that the emissions reductions that support carbon credits are real and verifiable, but that the project activities that generate them make a quantifiable impact on sustainable and social development in local communities.

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