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A Straight Forward Investment Concept

“As the parking industry’s older brother, commercial real estate continues to be sliced, diced, packaged and synthesized into complex investment securities, while parking companies operate much like they did when the concrete was laid decades ago – a time when life was much more simple.” Warren Edward Buffett

Commercial Real Estate Investments

Parking facilities now represent intriguing commercial real estate investments. Traditionally, most parking-related opportunities have not appealed to pension funds and institutional investors, but parking assets’ low cost of capital and strong underlying fundamentals are generating new interest in this relatively undiscovered investment niche.

Investors are beginning to realise that a well-located urban parking facility offers stable, long-term revenue growth and that this asset class is becoming an important part of any diversified real estate portfolio. The car park industry generates more than $20 billion annually in gross parking revenues.


The Investment

Anstiss Investments are offering investors the opportunity to acquire a direct parking space. The car parks are all allocated within buildings in Business Bay, adjacent to the Burj Khalifa complex in Dubai. The investment is for 5 years. The investor will receive a guaranteed income of 6% in the first year, then increasing by 1% annually up to 10% in the 5th year. Over a five year period this amounts to an average 8% income.

Guaranteed Buy Back Option

The investor has a ‘buy back’ option, bought at the original purchase price, the income is guaranteed by a trust company set up by Heritage in Guernsey, in order to secure the income paid out to investors.

The car parking spaces in Dubai are sold at a price which is 35% below current valuation and we expect there to be an element of growth over the 5 year period.

Car Parks: ‘A Buy to Let Investment’

The method is a relatively simple one and follows the ‘Buy to Let’ model of property investment. Investors purchase a space or spaces and lease it/them out to car owners in order to receive a rental income. Our investment car parks are within a commercial building where long-term leases are in place and in demand.

We are only dealing with ‘The Financier’ of the buildings who own the freehold of the car parks within the free trade zones.

External audit reports on the buildings have recently been conducted. Customers of the offices (end users) have only recently re-agreed their terms of payment with the escrow agents and financier. This is why for our investors we have insisted on yields being paid regardless, the agreement of which is underwritten and held by a UK corporate trustee.

The Opportunity

  • Purchase price £25,875 against a current valuation of £35,000*
  • Guaranteed rental for first 5 years (6, 7, 8, 9, 10%)
  • 100% guaranteed income – all underwritten by a UK corporate trustee (Heritage Corporate Trustees)
  • Purchasable through a SIPP
  • Payments made every 6 months with immediate effect
  • 92% of the building is already let
  • Ratio 4.1 for employees to car parking spaces
  • Car Park Space is owned by you on a 99 year lease
  • Multiple exit strategies to sell after 5 years or simply keep it and enjoy a return of 8-10%
  • Financial analysts for funds rate this as 20% covered

* Allsop valuation March 2010




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