BIO E-Grass – Miscanthus Giganteus

Introducing Bio E-Grass

“It is predicted that global biofuel production will quadruple within the next 15–20 years due primarily to rising oil prices and government policies encouraging the increased production of ethanol and biodiesel” (Gibbs et al., 2008)

Anstiss Investments are pleased to announce the latest addition to our growing selection of bio-fuel investment projects – Bio E-Grass – otherwise known as Miscanthus Giganteus.

This large warm-season perennial grass is currently receiving widespread attention as a biomass crop. Miscanthus Giganteus is used primarily for combustion in power plants due to its low water and ash contents and high energy output to input ratio.
The main feature distinguishing Miscanthus Giganteus from other biomass crops is its high lignocellulose yields. In the United Kingdom, long-term average harvestable yields from a mature Miscanthus Giganteus plantation have exceeded 13 oven dry tonnes per hectare per year.


The crop’s high yields, low year-on-year maintenance and its 20-year lifespan have catapulted Miscanthus Giganteus up the biomass ladder, making it high priority for governments and organisations within the EU who need to contribute to the region’s targets – including 20% energy consumption derived from renewable sources by 2020.

The Investment

Up-front entry fee – $1,850

To be part of this unique project, initial investment is just USD $1,850 per hectare.

This will provide you with the Commercial Revenue Rights Certificate on your specific land allocation for the next 15 years (effectively, an investment of just $123 pa).

One-off plantation fee – $1,600

In order to grow Bio E-Grass on your land, you will need to purchase Miscanthus Giganteus Rhizomes for plantation. We have secured an off-take agreement with a leading supplier of Rhizomes at a significantly reduced rate compared to that in the UK for just USD $1,600 per hectare.

As Miscanthus Giganteus is a perennial grass, this fee is payable only once and after the plantation has been successfully completed the crop will grow for 15 years with very little maintenance.

Investment highlights

  • Tipped to be the highest yielding biomass project on the investment market today, the project will provide investors with:
  • Commercial Revenue Rights on land in Gambia for 15 years
  • Supply of the highest quality Rhizomes on the market
  • Annual Returns after profits generated post-harvest
  • First return in less than 18 months of investment
  • Projected returns of a minimum $1,280 every year from year 3




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