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Anstiss Investments offer a range of alternative and ethical investment projects, premium financial products presented by professionals with inimitable investment strategies that guarantee durable returns.

Urban Gold, Brazil

Urban Gold Housing Project, BrazilTake advantage of the Brazilian Gold Rush by investing in the Urban Gold project – part of the low cost housing scheme “Minha Casa, Minha Vida”.  By choosing Urban Gold you are taking the opportunity to invest in a market that is not reliant on tourism or the second home market – one that is purely focused on the rapidly expanding domestic market. Read more…

The Shore Club, Brazil

The Shore Club, Beach Project Brazil

A chance to invest in this stunning beach-front resort – The Shore Club is currently the only project with the advantage of a prime beach front location in this area. This project has high prospects for appreciation combined with the chance to lead a relaxed lifestyle, contact with nature and a close proximity to the hustle and bustle of the city and airport for those seeking to utilise their investment. Read more…

Business Bay – Car Park Project Dubai

Car Park Investment Dubai

The opportunity to acquire direct parking spaces within car parks allocated in sought after buildings in Business Bay, adjacent to the Burj Khalifa complex in Dubai. The investment period is for 5 years. The investor will receive a guaranteed income of 6% in the first year, then increasing by 1% annually up to 10% in the 5th year. Over a five year period this amounts to an average 8% income. Read more…

Carbon Credits

Carbon credits

Carbon credits can be explained as ‘a certificate representing a reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.’ One carbon credit is the equivalent of saving one tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2). These credits are generated by any number of projects that prevent or remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and can be sold on to other businesses and individuals to ‘offset’ their own carbon emission generation. Carbon credits are then used to fund environmental projects that will further reduce CO2 emissions. Read more…

The Money Tree – Timber Investment Brazil

The Money Tree - Timber Investment Brazil

Realise the potential of investing in timber, with benefits including fast returns paid every 5 years through a guaranteed and established timber purchase agreement. Underwritten by a UK trustee for security and with full due diligence reports in place, this project has the advantage of being both ethically and socially responsible thanks to its utilisation of CDM technologies and its contribution to creating local employment opportunities in Brazil. Read more…



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