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Welcome to the Anstiss April Newsletter…

A very warm welcome to the April edition of Alternative Investments Today. The weather is finally taking a turn for the better and spring is in the air. I am sure I’m not the only one looking forward to the bright, sunny days and warm nights ahead.

This month we open with a featured article on the state of the Euro and its part in the economic demise of so many countries in the euro zone.
We also catch up with the progress on the Urban Gold, Business Bay and Moringa Tree projects, as well as introducing our new Jatropha Bio-fuel investment.

In the meantime, enjoy the warmer weather and have a productive and pro-active April – Annika Hope,

Why Are So Many Investors Fleeing Europe?
Well, the sun may be shining, with summer feeling like it’s just around the corner – but for the Euro, the bleak, cold winter looks – for the moment – unlikely to thaw.

For while Europe’s wealthy countries look to drowning Portugal to somehow resolve the year-old euro debt crisis by coming up with “sustainable” deficit cuts to pave the way to an 80 billion-euro ($116 billion) bailout, the words on the lips of Joe Public seems to be a resounding “I told you so.”

And with investors shunning flailing Europe in droves, it is no wonder more and more investors are turning to the Asia-Pacific, Africa and BRIC economies. Read the full article here…

Urban Gold Brazil – Location 1 SOLD OUT
After an unprecedented response to the Urban Gold Project in Brazil, we can report that all 195 units within location one have been sold during the last four months. This means the project is now SOLD OUT and no more units within this location are available.

Urban Gold is part of the low-cost housing scheme ‘Minha Casa, Minha Vida’ – fully backed by the Brazilian government and revolutionising the property market within Brazil.

Urban Gold 2 Project Launch
Yet for those still interested in being part of the Brazilian Gold Rush, we are very happy to announce the pre-launch of a second, slightly smaller Urban Gold project, where we have set aside 40 units at a reduced price. If the response is the same, these will not be around for long, so to take advantage of the discounted price, contact and Anstiss advisor today.

Please quote ref. URBGOLD2L – CLICK HERE to download the brochure directly…

Business Bay Car Park Investment, Dubai
Between the limited number of agents promoting this product, more than 300 units have already been sold and with prices steadily rising and set to continue to rise, there is no better time than now to take advantage of this investment.

This is the perfect investment opportunity for those with ISA’s or ill performing SIPP investments, who wish to make their investment work for them with minimal risk. CLICK HERE to read more and download the brochure

COMING SOON – Anstiss Jatropha Bio-fuel
Over the coming months we will be introducing our new project – Jatropha bio-fuel – a pioneer in the bio-fuel industry and an excellent source of superior quality bio-diesel. So, why Bio-fuel?

  • Rising energy consumption – The world population is predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050, which will produce a soaring demand for energy – and traditional fuel sources are dwindling.
  • Climate change – We can no longer sustain the increasing amount of carbon emissions produced from fossil fuels.
  • Oil crisis – Experts warn of an imminent “oil crunch” within the next few years, which could be potentially devastating to the global economy.

More information on Jatropha bio-fuel coming soon…

Next month in Alternative Investments Today…

Look out for details of our forthcoming competition, where the 2000th person to become an Anstiss member will win a free 5 day holiday in a top European destination. Full competition details in next month’s newsletter.

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